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…forces with already existing healthy bacteria. Once your healthy bacterial population has been replenished, Double-Strength Probiotic Complex™ will help maintain friendly bacteria levels for optimum health. Can Double-Strength Probiotic Complex with Acidophilus enhance immunity? Research has demonstrated that probiotics promote a healthy immune system response by stimulating the production and activity of immune cells located in the tissues…


…fiber. DHA is also important for vision health as it is incorporated into the retina. 3. Double-Strength Probiotic Complex with Acidophilus * Probiotics are "friendly bacteria" * Supports healthy immune response * Supports healthy digestion * Improves nutrient absorption and synthesis of certain vitamins Double-Strength Probiotic Complex with Acidophilus helps to replenish and maintain your helpful gut bacteria. Insufficient amounts of…

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…alcohol, especially beer and wine. Sugar is the primary food source for Candida and promotes its rapid proliferation and overgrowth. Maintaining a healthy whole-food diet, re-establishing balanced intestinal flora (with probiotic supplementation), and strengthening the digestion are key to avoiding recurrence of Candida overgrowth. What is the recommended dosage? Take 60 to 90 drops, three to four times per day in water or juice. Are there any…


…come with a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Why choose our Daily Optimizer Essentials Bundle ? * Comprehensive + Convenient: Provides a the maintenance of good health, including whole-food based vitamins & minerals, probiotics, and high-potency omega-3 essential fatty acids. * Every Batch is Tested: Every batch of products in Daily Optimizer Essentials Bundle is tested to ensure purity and potency. * GMP-Certified Manufacturing: Ensures that…

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Related Categories Bundle | Fish Oil | Black Walnut Hulls
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