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…Essentials delivers! Its gentle, yet powerful, blend of 9 synergistic herbs, including Chamomile, work together to naturally nourish and calm the brain and nervous system, improve focus and concentration, and decrease fidgeting and restlessness. Here’s what one of our many satisfied customers had to say: […] The post Chamomile and other Natural Alternatives for ADHD – Concentration Essentials appeared first on Natural Wellbeing.

…primarily in two ways: 1. ’Predominately inattentive’ (formerly called attention deficit disorder, ADD), characterized by a deficit of sustained attention or inattentive concentration, with little-to-no hyperactivity or impulsiveness; and, 2. ’Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’ (ADHD), which displays problems with attentional and inhibitory control functions, leading […] The post What is ADHD appeared first on Natural Wellbeing.

Did you know that some candy products have as many as 10 dyes? A possible link between ADHD and certain foods — including food dyes and preservatives — has been suspected since the 1970s, though many researches still believe the cause of ADHD if primarily genetic. Here’s a list of food preservatives and colorings that […] The post Are Food Additives the Cause of ADHD? appeared first on Natural Wellbeing.

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