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…Respir-Gold (Alcohol Free)] [ Kid's Potty Gold] [ Throat-Ease Gold] [ Adreno Gold] [ Kid's Attention Gold] [ Kid's Cough Gold]

…Heart Gold] [ Joint Gold (Alcohol Free)] [ Liver Detox Gold (Alcohol Free)] [ Toxi-Clean Gold] [ Colon & Digestion Essentials] [ Adreno Gold]

…extracts as a tea or in supplement form have known to have no side effects whatsoever. There are no known drug interactions either. If you want to use Sarsaparilla root for its herbal benefits, consult your doctor regarding its use and dosage. Ask for any effects on the current medications that you have as well. [ Prosta Gold] [ Adreno Gold]

…would need to consult their doctor regarding the use of Devil’s Club Root Bark for their illness. Devil’s Club Root Bark is also contraindicated in pregnant and breast feeding women. Very young children should be cautioned in taking Devil’s Club Root Bark extracts for the cure of respiratory illnesses since little is known about its adverse effects on babies and toddlers. [ Adreno Gold]

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