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What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is often overlooked when it comes to overall health. It is part of the circulatory and immune systems and is made up of lymphatic vessels, lymphatic fluid (lymph), and lymphoid tissue (part of the immune system). Lymph is a thin, clear and watery fluid that bathes the tissue cells (interstitial fluid) and transports wastes and metabolic byproducts from the cells back into the blood for…


…infection. It is ideal for anyone susceptible to frequent colds or flus, those prone to catching any bug going around, or those who are easily run-down. Immuno Well contains powerful immunosupportive herbs including Astragalus, Echinacea, and Isatis, as well as medicinal mushrooms and beta glucan 3/6/9. These ingredients work together in harmony to support important components of our body's immune system. Immuno Well is especially beneficial…

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