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B vitamin deficiencies in the elderly are fatigue, low mood and cognitive impairment. A deficiency of B vitamins can cause a wide variety of diseases or result in symptoms including: * low mood or other mood disorders * anemia * nervous system disorders * elevated homocysteine (associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease) * hypertension * fatigue * skin conditions * water retention * others What is B-Complex Liquid? B-Complex Liquid


…health. Hair Essentials™ and Fo-ti work together synergistically to encourage and maintain optimal follicle and hair health. Each bundle provides a one-month supply of both Hair Essentials™ capsules plus Fo-ti liquid extract. How do Hair Essentials™ and Fo-ti work? First, Hair Essentials™ targets DHT, a hormone found in all men and women. Too much DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink at a faster rate than normal. This…


What is the Hair Essentials™ Program? The Hair Essentials™ Program is an easy-to-use, 3-step program for healthy hair. Simply add our powerful trio of all-natural products to your daily routine and experience the hair you've always wanted - without chemicals, artificial ingredients, medications, or costly procedures. Three easy-to-use products: Hair Essentials™ daily supplement: naturally restores healthy hair with its…

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