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…index, does not affect blood sugar levels, and offers a safe, natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Note: Many Stevia supplements have an aftertaste. Our Stevia extract is prepared through a special fermentation process that limits this aftertaste below that found in other extracts. What are the benefits of Stevia? * No calories * No carbohydrates * No measurable glycemic effect * Does not affect blood sugar levels What is the…


…Fenugreek has a longstanding tradition of use as a galactogogue to promote breast milk production. It also has a reputation for encouraging healthy blood sugar levels. What is Fenugreek used for? * Supports breast milk production * Eases sore throat * May encourage balanced blood sugar levels * Relieves gas, bloating, digestive discomfort What is the recommended dosage? Take 20 to 40 drops, two to three times daily in water or juice.…


…the large intestine are also capable of supplying some of the B vitamins as long as healthy intestinal flora exists. Important functions of B vitamins include: * Maintenance of cell growth and division * Formation of red blood cells and prevention of anemia * Nervous system support * Immune system support * Help regulate metabolism * Maintenance of muscle tone * Maintenance of healthy hair, skin, and nails B vitamins are grouped together and…

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