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Do you or your child experience: Attention Problems? * Trouble performing tasks that require concentration * Inability to maintain attention upon activities or tasks * Constantly going from one uncompleted task to another * Difficulty completing paperwork or schoolwork * Creating messy and careless work * Procrastinating more than the average person * Difficulty listening in a conversation * Easily distracted by unimportant things Symptoms of…


…adrenalin response. This makes Lobelia helpful for reducing anxiety and increasing focus and attention. Can I use Kids' Attention Gold with medications? If your child is taking any medications, consult your doctor before using. Are there any side effects or precautions? If your child has any health condition, consult your doctor before using. Does it come with a guarantee? Yes! All of products come with a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Why…


…be painful and exhausting. Help your child find relief with our natural, effective formulation. Kids’ Cough Gold is formulated to help. This synergistic formula helps make a cough more 'productive' in order to clear mucous out of the respiratory tract more readily, and supports the body's natural defenses to help overcome infections. Wild Cherry bark is a respiratory sedative that calms a spastic cough, while Yerba Santa assists…

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