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Cetyl Alcohol

…into a cetyl alcohol bath before they are fastened together. Cetyl alcohol was discovered by Michel Chevreul, a French chemist in 1817. He heated a waxy substance obtained from sperm whale oil along with potassium hydroxide and the end product had flakes of cetyl alcohol after cooling. Thus the process of getting cetyl alcohol from sperm whale oil started. Commercial whaling was however banned all over the world and thus cetyl alcohol was…

…Cetearyl alcohol is one of the key ingredients of personal care products and without it, skin care preparations would separate and would be unable to foam up when they are used. Cetearyl alcohol is considered straight chain alcohols with a combination of Cetyl and Stearyl alcohol. It is also called Cetostearyl alcohol, C16-18 or simply alcohol. It is derived from vegetable oils or from other synthetic sources. The use of Cetearyl alcohol was…

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