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What is Chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is the sunlight-collecting molecule in plants that gives them their green pigment. Plants use chlorophyll to collect the light needed for photosynthesis; through photosynthesis, chlorophyll molecules convert solar energy into chemical energy, by manufacturing carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water. Interestingly, the chlorophyll molecule is structurally very similar to human hemoglobin, the molecule that…


…contributing factor in bad breath. It also helps facilitate healthy digestion, and studies support its ability to enhance gastric emptying and reduce nausea. Peppermint Breath Spray also contains chlorophyll, known for its deodorizing properties. Chlorophyll cleanses and deodorizes the digestive tract, and is an effective remedy for those with chronic bad breath or digestive tract odor. It also helps deodorize the breath after tobacco use,…

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