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Comfrey is best for inflammatory swelling. Comfrey was also used in making a cast from cloths that were soaked in a boiled paste of Comfrey, which would then hardened like plaster. The cast was then used on a broken bone as the people believed that the Comfrey would promote quick healing. This is the reason that Comfrey was called “knitbone”. The modern use of Comfrey is not that much different from how it was used in earlier times. Comfrey’s

…It has an attested skin softening and keratolytic action, and also performs as a chemical cleaner of scaling and necrotic tissue. Being a natural element, Allantoin is present in fetal Allantoic fluid, rice polishing, comfrey roots, wheat germ, dog urine as well as in pregnant women urine. It can be an organic part of soil and is also found in earthworm. Apparently, Allantoin is first mentioned on 1838, the time when it was exhibited that the…

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