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…the release of histamine. Medical professionals have also found it useful in the treatment of rheumatic fever. In addition, it is directly accountable for the manufacture of creatine naturally found in muscle tissues, providing these tissues the energy needed to move. Creatine is identified with good muscle function, supporting heart and circulatory systems. That is why people into heavy workouts are encouraged to take L-Methionine supplements. …

…cord and retina. Clycine is used to help the body construct the regular DNA and RNA strands, the genetic material essential for good cellular formation and function. It helps to avoid muscle breakdown by enhancing the creatine level of the body. Clycine is also found in other connective tissues of the body. The collagen that maintains the skin and its connective tissue to be firm and flexible is one-third part Clycine. • Commercial Uses Clycine…

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