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…clotting, blood lipid levels, immune response, and inflammation. DHA is vital for brain and nervous system development and function, especially in the fetus and young infants. he human brain and nervous system are made up of approximately 60% fat; of this, DHA is the primary fat. DHA remains vital for the ongoing health of these organs, as well as the retina of the eye, lifelong. DHA is integral to the composition of the myelin sheath, the thick,…


…acid (DHA), are most readily available from cold-water fish and/or purified fish oil supplements. Essential fatty acids are incorporated into virtually every cell membrane throughout the body. They regulate a wide variety of functions including inflammation, blood pressure, blood clotting, lipid levels, and immune response. Notably, the human brain and nervous system are made up of approximately 60% fat, and, of this, DHA is the primary type. DHA


What is the Hair Essentials™ and Fo-ti Combo? Features two of the best natural products for supporting overall hair health. Hair Essentials™ and Fo-ti work together synergistically to encourage and maintain optimal follicle and hair health. Each bundle provides a one-month supply of both Hair Essentials™ capsules plus Fo-ti liquid extract. How do Hair Essentials™ and Fo-ti work? First, Hair Essentials™ targets DHT, a…

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