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…In the absence of sufficient iodine, however, TSH levels remain elevated and can result in goiter (enlargement of thyroid gland) and symptoms of hypothyroidism. These include fatigue or lethargy, low mood, weight gain, edema (swelling, especially of hands), constipation, dry and brittle hair and nails, dry skin, loss of outer third of eyebrows, and increased sensitivity to cold temperatures. Iodine is found in nature primarily as a salt, such…


…of lymph nodes, such as the pelvic region and armpits. It can help improve pelvic congestion associated with hemorrhoids, ovarian cysts, prostate swelling, hydroceles, and varicose veins, and may also help reduce lymph edema after mastectomy. * Supports free-flow of lymph fluid * Encourages removal of waste byproducts from interstitial fluid * Helps fluids drain from congested areas * Supports a healthy immune system response What is the…

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