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What is Eyebright? (Euphrasia officinalis) Eyebright provides a natural antihistamine-like action to ease symptoms associated with hay fever and seasonal allergies, including respiratory congestion, sinus troubles, eye irritation, and ear congestion. This herb has a long history of use in European folk medicine. In the Middle Ages, Eyebright was believed to be beneficial for eye irritation because of the "bloodshot" appearance of its…


…however, it can wreak havoc upon our system. What is Aller-Gold? One of the most effective approaches to managing seasonal allergies is by decreasing release of histamine. Aller-Gold is a blend of several herbs including Eyebright, Stinging Nettles, and Ambrosia that provide a natural antihistamine-like and decongestant action. These herbs help to stabilize the mast cells to reduce histamine release in response to harmless substances. The result…


…endless sneezing, cough and congestion? They may be experiencing seasonal allergies, also called allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Kids' Aller-Gold features several herbs which are anti-histamine in action, including Eyebright, Nettles, and Ambrosia (also known as Ragweed). Interestingly, while many individuals have an allergy to Ragweed pollen, the leaf extract can actually help inhibit the histamine-release caused by the pollen. Yerba Santa…

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