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Prenatal Complete is a balanced daily multivitamin & mineral supplement that is specially formulated for the unique needs of pregnant women. It provides all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for the maintenance of good health during pregnancy, including folic acid. A deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy has been shown to increase the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida in the developing fetus. * Physician-formulated *…


…the reproductive health of both partners is equally important. In order for fertilization of a woman's egg to occur, the male partner's sperm must be healthy—present in sufficient numbers, and strong enough to make the journey to the egg. Male fertility is, therefore, as vital as his partner's, and equally impacts the ability to conceive. Fertility can be affected by many factors: lifestyle, diet, stress, work, sleep, and…


What is FemCycle Gold? It is estimated that over 80% of American women of child-bearing age experience at least one symptom of PMS monthly. Common symptoms include mood swings/irritability, low mood, fatigue, bloating and water retention, cravings (salt, sugar, fat), headaches, weepiness, tender breasts, and more. For some women, PMS can be severely debilitating and disruptive. FemCycle Gold helps to rebalance your female hormonal system to…


…accuracy, less arm tremor, better coordination, and their heart rates returned to normal more quickly. Rhodiola has been found to have cardioprotective and antitumor benefits, and may also improve fertility in both men and women. What is Rhodiola used for? * Enhances ability of body to handle stress * Promotes a positive mood * Helps improve physical performance * Supports cognitive function What is the recommended dosage? Take 30 drops two to…

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