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…and focus, and decreases restlessness and distracting fidgeting. The result? You’re better able to complete important tasks like schoolwork, chores, homework, or your daily job. And since you’re more relaxed, you’re actually more productive! Can children use Concentration Essentials™? Yes. Concentration Essentials™ is formulated to help both adults and children who experience concentration, attention, and focus


…out due to mental demands. While not as strong as pharmaceutical alternatives, this herbal formula may be enough for many children (and adults, too, for that matter) for attention and focus challenges. What is Kids' Attention Gold used for? * Supports focus and concentration * Improves ability to pay attention * Calms and relaxes the nervous system * Helps reduce stress-related anxiety How does Kids' Attention Gold work? Kids'…


…Essentials Bundle will keep you at the top of your game all day, everyday! Three carefully chosen supplements help you stay focused and alert, combat stress, and promote better sleep to feel refreshed and energized. What's in the Bundle? * Concentration Essentials (2 bottles; 90 veg caps per bottle): for laser-sharp focus and concentration * Anxiety & Stress Essentials (2 bottles; 90 veg caps per bottle): combat stress and maintain a calm…


…and severe sleep deprivation can: * Impede driving skills * Cause chronic fatigue and suppress the immune system * Diminish social skills * Trigger mild personality changes * Interrupt a person’s ability to stay focused and on-task * Compound tension, nervousness and anxiety * Inhibit the ability to stay awake during the day * Reduce work performance and productivity rate * Inhibit concentration and decision-making skills Understanding…

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