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…digestion with age, and subsequent decreased absorption of nutrients. Digest Optimal contains a synergistic blend of herbs traditionally used for supporting digestion including Gentian, Fennel seed, Oregon Grape, Licorice, Ginger, Prickly Ash bark and Peppermint Spirits. Gentian is one of the most bitter herbs known; the taste of bitter upon the tongue causes a 'reflexive release' of gastric juices throughout the digestive tract by the…


Do you or your child experience: Attention Problems? * Trouble performing tasks that require concentration * Inability to maintain attention upon activities or tasks * Constantly going from one uncompleted task to another * Difficulty completing paperwork or schoolwork * Creating messy and careless work * Procrastinating more than the average person * Difficulty listening in a conversation * Easily distracted by unimportant things Symptoms of…

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