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CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE Hair Essentials™We’re often asked whether Hair Essentials™ is gluten-free. Well, we’re proud to announce that, yes, Hair Essentials™ is now CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE! To view full ingredients’ list or to purchase Hair Essentials™, see: http://bit.ly/Hair_EssentialsAnd don’t forget: SAVE 10% when you enter coupon code ‘june11’ at the checkout!

Hair Essentials™ - Now CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE!!SAVE 10% when you enter coupon code ‘Facebook’ at the online Checkout!To order: http://bit.ly/Hair_Essentials

Want luscious locks for your Wedding Day? Brides, bridesmaids, and mothers-of-brides, get 15% off Hair Essentials using coupon code BrideHE. Share with your Bride-to-Be friends!

GLUTEN-FREE Hair Essentials™!You asked for a gluten-free Hair Essentials™... it's here! CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE Hair Essentials™ http://bit.ly/Hair_EssentialsNow with Rice Bran instead of Oat BranSAVE 10% when you enter coupon code ‘june11’ at the checkout!

Key Ingredients in Hair Essentials that provide triple-action support:• Combats hair loss• Repairs & revitalizes hair follicles• Nourishes strong, healthy new hair growth15% discount through 9/30 - coupon code "AAHE13" on www.hairessentials.com

100% VEGETARIAN Hair Essentials is now 100% vegetarian, along with being certified gluten-free - how cool is that! Get growing now with 15% off your order - use coupon code S13FAJ: www.hairessentials.com

Don't forget, Moms! Save 15% on all orders of Hair Essentials through Mother’s Day using coupon code HE4MOM!www.hairessentials.com

You still have time to save! 15% discount on Hair Essentials through Sept 30 - use coupon code "AAHE13" on hairessentials.com

NEW! Nourishing Hair Oil uses the natural conditioning power of coconut oil plus pure essential oils for conditioned, moisturized hair that’s stronger and healthier. http://bit.ly/1lAfQj0* Moisturizes, protects, and strengthens the hair shaft * Helps reduce breakage and split ends * Rejuvenates, repairs, and revitalizes follicles * Improves scalp health to promote healthier hair growth Use coupon code BK2SKL now and save 15%!…

In recognition of National Alopecia Areata Awareness Month, Hair Essentials is providing a 15% discount through 9/30. Use coupon code AAHE13 on www.hairessentials.com

100% Vegetarian! Simply put, there's no other hair growth supplement on the market like Hair Essentials. In addition to being certified gluten-free and non-GMO, Hair Essentials is now also 100% Vegetarian!Features over 20 hair-healthy herbs, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and other nutrients - try it for yourself! 15% discount on now through 9/30 - use coupon code "AAHE13" on hairessentials.com

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