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…healthy hair results. Will I grow hair where I don't want it - on my face or other areas of my body? Hair Essentials™ won't cause unwanted hair growth (facial hair, legs, etc.) because the cycle of hair growth differs on different areas of the body; for example, with the eyebrows, the cycle is completed in about 4 months, whereas with scalp hair, it takes 3 to 4 years (or longer). This is why eyebrow hair - and other body hair - has…


…healthy hair and promoting faster hair growth: Hair Essentials™ and Fo-ti root. Hair Essentials™ and Fo-ti work together synergistically to combat hair loss, repair and revitalized damaged follicles, and nourish thicker, fuller new hair growth. Each bundle provides a one-month supply of both Hair Essentials™ capsules plus Fo-ti liquid extract. How do Hair Essentials™ & Fo-ti promote new hair growth? First, Hair

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