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Kidney Stones

…herb, used often in the times of ancient Rome and Greece to reduce water retention and inflammation. In North America, this herb was a traditional native remedy to strengthen the kidneys and bladder, and was also used to assist in the elimination of kidney stones. Horsetail is primarily a urinary diuretic that is indicated in urinary tract infections. It contains a great number of bioflavonoids, which may be responsible for its diuretic…


…be enough to control pain after relatively mild surgeries or dental procedures. It is also a smooth muscle relaxant which makes it helpful for pain arising from menstrual cramps, digestive cramps, or gall bladder and kidney stones. Valerian will not remove all pain like a pharmaceutical pain medication will, but instead, it will reduce the perception of pain recognition by 10-50%. Some sensation of discomfort will remain to remind the person that…


…reduce cognitive activity and induce drowsiness. It is a general skeletal muscle and smooth muscle relaxer and can be used for physical pain after surgeries or injuries, menstrual cramps, cramping pain from passing a stone (kidney or gall bladder), gas pain, or for headaches. It is indicated for pain on all levels, and may even help take the edge off of emotional and mental pain. Can be used at any time of day for helping to manage pain and…

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