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…of lanolin, which is then extracted from the wool before the wool is processed into textile and yarn. Lanolin can be heated with water to produce Lanolin acid, which is an organic acid and Lanolin alcohol, which is also an organic alcohol form. When acetate is added to Lanolin; it becomes acetylated Lanolin. Adding hydrogen to it produces Hydrogenated Lanolin, and adding hydroxyl produces Hydroxylated Lanolin. The history of Lanolin is very…

…medications. In some instances, guidance in the use of allantoin must be observed. • Use of allantoin is not recommended if the person is allergic to camphor, phenol, allantoin, and any drugs with ingredients such as menthol, lanolin, bees wax, glycerin, mineral oil, and paraffin. • Allantoin side effects may include hives, difficulty in breathing, swelling in the face, lips, throat or tongue. The less severe side effects include tingling or cold…

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