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…symptoms of cramping, water retention, slow onset periods with dull ache and lower back discomfort, and mood swings. FemCycle Gold is also excellent for helping to reestablish regular monthly cycles after coming off the birth control pill. What is FemCycle Gold used for? * Relieves PMS symptoms * Promotes female hormonal balance * Helps re-establish regular menstrual cycle * Reduces painful or swollen breasts * Helps ease menstrual cramping What…


What is Wild Yam? (Dioscorea villosa) Wild Yam is an excellent antispasmodic herb for smooth muscle, such as is found in the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and intestines. This makes it very beneficial for menstrual cramps as well as digestive spasms. Wild Yam root contains natural compounds which, through their ability to bind to the same receptors as some of our female sex hormones, can have a similar effect (though much weaker). Wild Yam…

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