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…Cough Syrup (Mentholated). It is a powerful ‘natural antibiotic,’ especially for respiratory infections, and stimulates immune cells that reside directly within the lung tissues. It also helps to numb sore throats. Menthol is a natural plant-derived compound that is a potent dilator of the airway passages, including the bronchioles, and improves the ability to breathe more easily and deeply. What is Cough Syrup (Mentholated) used for?…


…Peppermint Breath Spray can be used to provide reliable and convenient breath-freshening support. Peppermint and one of its active constituents, menthol, are helpful for many conditions including indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, sinus congestion, headaches and body aches. Menthol has also shown significant antiviral and antibacterial activity. Peppermint increases salivation to relieve dry mouth, a contributing factor in bad…

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