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…that peurarin may have an effect upon alcohol metabolism and neurotransmitter 'reward circuits' in the brain. In addition to reducing alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms, Kudzu may also provide relief for migraines and cluster headaches, as well as menopause symptoms including hot flashes. Its menopause benefits are associated with the isoflavones daidzein and daidzin, which are also found in Red Clover and Soy. Kudzu, Soy, and Red…


…treat perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) consisting of hormones processed from the urine of pregnant mares. This type of HRT has been associated with side-effects ranging from migraine headaches to the development of breast tumors. It is sometimes combined with synthetic progesterone (progestins),and this combination has been associated with other potential health concerns. MenoPeace contains isoflavones…

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