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…are its key ingredients? Female Libido is a blend of traditional aphrodisiac herbs and natural nutrients that support sexual libido and promote a healthy sexual response, including Maca, Tribulus, Epimedium, Damiana and Mucuna. These herbs have a longstanding reputation for improving sexual vitality and have been used traditionally for hundreds of years for strengthening energy and sexual desire. Alongside these and other libido-enhancing herbs,…


What is MenoPeace Combo? MenoPeace Combo provides effective natural support for many aspects of menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, sleep and mood disturbances, poor energy and low libido. Includes: * MenoPeace - helps balance hormones with soy & red clover isoflavones, herbs, vitamins, and minerals * Maca - renowned herb from the Andes, traditionally used to improve energy and support hormonal balance * Female Libido - specially…

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