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Pleurisy Root

…one feels like they are on the edge of getting sick. Using Respir-Gold at the initial onset of a respiratory illness may help stop or diminish its ability to take hold. The antibacterial properties of Osha and Lomatium root provide powerful support to the white blood cells (macrophages) in the lungs; Licorice assists with loosening of mucous congestion for easier expectoration; and Lobelia causes dilation (opening) of the bronchioles to support…

$36.95 $28.95

…antiviral agent and bronchodilator, which can help increase oxygen uptake in the lungs and ease breathing. Licorice provides a soothing, demulcent action in the respiratory tract and mucous membranes in general, and Pleurisy Root aids in breaking up thick mucous to ease expectoration and make a cough more productive. Mullein is soothing to inflamed lung tissues, while Lobelia relaxes the diaphragm and intercostal (between-rib) muscles, easing…

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