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…(though much weaker). Wild Yam also contains diosgenin, which is converted through a multistep laboratory process into natural progesterone, such as used in bioidentical hormone creams. Note: Wild Yam itself does not contain "natural progesterone," nor is our body capable of converting diosgenin into progesterone. Dong Quai improves the sensitivity of certain hormone receptors and can enhance their responsiveness to circulating female…


Women's Fertility The creation of a healthy baby is one of the most magnificent miracles of life. However, some couples (about 1 in 7) experience difficulty conceiving. About one-third of infertility cases are due to the female partner, while another third is related to the male partner. The remaining one-third is caused by a mix of both or is due to unknown reasons. When it comes to conceiving, the reproductive health of both partners is…

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…Chaste Tree berry extract is considered to strengthen progesterone production and rebalance the ratio of female hormones. It is beneficial for cycles that are progesterone-deficient, especially when due to insufficient development of the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum is what is left behind in the ovary after the mature egg has been released at ovulation; its role is to produce progesterone until the uterus takes over, if pregnancy occurs.…

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…of hormones processed from the urine of pregnant mares. This type of HRT has been associated with side-effects ranging from migraine headaches to the development of breast tumors. It is sometimes combined with synthetic progesterone (progestins),and this combination has been associated with other potential health concerns. MenoPeace contains isoflavones derived from Red Clover and Soy, two of the richest plant sources of these naturally occurring…

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