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…to help relieve fatigue, confusion, and promote better focus. Licorice and Rhodiola: Considered premier adaptogenic herbs, Licorice and Rhodiola increase the body's ability to adapt to stress. A study conducted on Rhodiola showed that it enhanced physical fitness, improved neuromotor test responses, reduced mental fatigue, and improved general wellbeing. Rhodiola is also thought to help oxygen uptake. Lobelia: Lobelia supports the relaxation…


What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a common and natural response to the challenges we face in life, be they health, family, financial, or work-related. Once the situation has been dealt with, the associated anxiety will usually resolve of its own accord. For some people, however, anxiety can be persistent and may feel unrelated to anything specific. It can be especially disturbing when it arises for no apparent reason. When this happens, it may leave…

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