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…uncertainties regarding hair loss, researchers have determined that the condition may in fact have a peak season. Tracking Concern For Hair Loss Around The World A team led by Dr. Shawn Kwatra, assistant professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University, examined Google searches for the exact phrase “hair loss” from 2004 […] The post Is Hair Loss More Likely To Occur At A Certain Time Of The Year? appeared first on Natural Wellbeing.

Cindy has been struggling with hair loss for a long time and came across Fo-Ti Root while doing an online search. She decided to give it a try. When the product was delivered at her home in Florida, she started taking it once a day before bedtime, mixing it with juice for better taste. After […] The post Victory against hair loss appeared first on Natural Wellbeing.

Humans have long been searching for the food of the gods. Ambrosia and nectar might be a little far-fetched, but some of the most potent, nutrient-rich superfoods can be found right here on Earth! Eating VS Supplementing Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, at least the saying is that […] The post 10 Superfoods You Have To Eat appeared first on Natural Wellbeing.

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