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…then it is recommended that you first discuss Spirulina with your doctor regarding the right dose for you. It may also cause adverse drug reactions when taken together with your current medications, so be sure to discuss any contraindications. Talk to your doctor first before adding Organic Spirulina into your diet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as well. [ Organic Spirulina]

…solutions and tablets that can give you the entire benefits of chlorophyll. If you would like to use chlorophyll in the treatment of your illness, consult your doctor or herbalist for the appropriate dosage and any adverse effects with the medications you are currently taking. [ Organic Spirulina] [ Peppermint Breath Spray]

…dose of 3,000 is considered acceptable. [ Hair Essentials™ for Hair Growth] [ Organic Spirulina] [ Revivogen Bio-Cleansing DHT Shampoo] [ Revivogen Natural Scalp Therapy]…

…for Hair Growth] [ Antioxidant Complex] [ Hair No More Advanced Hair Removal Cream] [ Organic Spirulina] [ FAST Shampoo & Conditioner] [ Oil of Oregano]

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