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…regulates the body's ability to withstand stress. Adaptogens help the body to respond to stress in a healthier, more balanced way. Ginger Gold Energy Syrup is helpful for all conditions that become worsened by stress, including immune deficiency, anxiety, irritability, digestive disorders, low mood, and hormonal imbalances. What is Ginger Gold Energy Syrup used for? * Improves ability to withstand stress (adaptogen support) * Protects against…


What is Kids' Attention Gold? Kids' Attention Gold is a special blend of herbs traditionally used to support focus and concentration, which can be helpful for children with attention deficit and/or hyperactivity concerns. These conditions can adversely affect the ability to pay attention or control impulsiveness and restlessness. Kids' Attention Gold is also helpful for children who feel stressed, overwhelmed, or burnt out due to…

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