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What is Cough Syrup (Mentholated)? Cough Syrup (Mentholated) is a natural herbal formula that relieves coughs, eases respiratory congestion associated with coughs, colds, and bronchitis, soothes throat discomfort, and helps one to breathe more deeply and easily. How does it work? Wild Cherry Bark has long been used to help relax the cough reflex, especially when the cough has become spasmodic and unproductive (no phlegm coming up). Licorice helps…


…Ginger Gold Energy Syrup? Ginger Gold Energy Syrup is a naturally warming and energizing formula that increases circulation, energy, vitality, and resistance to illness and environmental stresses. It is indicated for stress or exhaustion in individuals who tend toward deficiency, fatigue, and/or who tend to feel cold. It can be used if one is already low in energy, or as a preventative to avoid burning out. Ginger Gold Energy Syrup includes both…

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