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What is Thyme? (Thymus vulgaris) Thyme herb, often used for culinary purposes, is also an excellent immune system tonic. It provides particular benefit for respiratory infections including bronchitis and coughs, and is also beneficial for hay fever and allergies. Thyme herb contains potent essential oils that are effective for chronic fungal infections (e.g., ringworm, athlete's foot) and which may also help to expel worms. An external wash…


What is Cough Syrup (Mentholated)? Cough Syrup (Mentholated) is a natural herbal formula that relieves coughs, eases respiratory congestion associated with coughs, colds, and bronchitis, soothes throat discomfort, and helps one to breathe more deeply and easily. How does it work? Wild Cherry Bark has long been used to help relax the cough reflex, especially when the cough has become spasmodic and unproductive (no phlegm coming up). Licorice helps…

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