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What are Cold Sores? Cold sores are painful blisters around the mouth, generally on the lips. The first outbreak is usually the worst and can last for weeks. They will then usually go into remission but may be reactivated with illness, stress, exhaustion, or even exposure to sunlight. Outbreaks tend to become milder in nature and less frequent over time. What is Trilex Essentials™ & how does it work? Trilex Essentials™ is an…


What is Yerba Mansa? (Anemopsis californica) Yerba Mansa can be used much like Goldenseal, for many of the same types of afflictions. It is excellent with active infections of the respiratory tract, digestive tract, mouth and gums, as well as vaginal, prostate, and urinary tract infections. Like Goldenseal, Yerba Mansa is exceptional for sinus infections. It can be taken orally and also diluted in water and used as a sinus rinse. It is beneficial…

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