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What is FemPause Gold? Perimenopause is the time during which symptoms of declining hormone levels begin to appear, such as hot flashes, irregular periods, insomnia, mood swings, and vaginal dryness. These symptoms usually begin in a woman's early- to mid-40s and can continue on even after menopause (the complete lack of a period for 12 consecutive months) has taken place. FemPause Gold contains herbs traditionally used to support menopause…


…Variations in the amount and relative proportions of the female hormones can have a dramatic effect upon health and sense of wellbeing. Common symptoms of declining female hormone levels: * Hot flashes * Low sex drive * Vaginal dryness * Mood swings * Night sweats * Insomnia * Osteoporosis * Headaches, dizziness and foggy thinking * Urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections * Weight gain How does MenoPeace work? MenoPeace is a synergistic…

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