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…disease. Yerba Mansa is also effective for yeast infections (as a douche), and may be helpful for prostate infections and other reproductive tract infections. It can also be used as a sitz bath for pelvic infections, genital warts, fissures, and hemorrhoids. What is Yerba Mansa used for? * Antimicrobial action - infections of respiratory, digestive, urinary tracts * Astringent - helps reduce 'boggy' mucous membranes * Anti-inflammatory *…


What are Cold Sores? Cold sores are painful blisters around the mouth, generally on the lips. The first outbreak is usually the worst and can last for weeks. They will then usually go into remission but may be reactivated with illness, stress, exhaustion, or even exposure to sunlight. Outbreaks tend to become milder in nature and less frequent over time. What is Trilex Essentials™ & how does it work? Trilex Essentials™ is an…

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