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…(which helps ensure that the fever does not run too high), Yarrow can help support the body to more comfortably manage it. Yarrow is also very beneficial with PMS as it helps relieve liver congestion. This can lead to bloating and general water retention, including swollen and painful breasts. Yarrow is additionally antispasmodic and can be helpful in relieving painful cramping. Yarrow is also used to help staunch bleeding, both internally and…


…Cherry, and Osha help to cleanse the lungs and hasten healing. Cold & Sinus Blaster helps to thin out (liquify) thick and viscous mucous so that it can be more easily expectorated. Fever-managing herbs like Boneset, Yarrow, Osha, Andrographis, and Peppermint also help to re-establish immune homeostasis. What is the recommended dosage? General: Take 15 to 30 drops directly into the mouth or in water or juice, one to three times per day. Acute…

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